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McCaa Electric is your source for trusted electricians in Bakersfield, California. All of our work is meets or exceeds requiremens according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the California Electrical Code (CEC)  to ensure quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We've taken the time to arrange some of the most common questions about our work below, along with our answers. If your question isn't answered here, feel free to ask us via phone or email.

Q: Are you licensed in this state?

A: Yes. You can visit California's Contractors State License Board to verify.

Q: Will I have to apply for a permit?

A: If a permit is required, we will make the application for the homeowner and meet with inspectors. Typically, you will not have to do anything, but some homeowners choose to sign a waiver so that they are responsible for permits and inspections. If you have additional questions on this, please let us know.

Q: Are there any hidden costs for the work?

A: The electrician will do a thorough diagnosis and provide you with a firm, accurate quote for the work involved. If any additional work is necessary, it will be discussed, negotiated, and billed separately.

Q: If my service needs upgrading, will the whole house need to be rewired?

A: Unless you live in a very old home with antiquated wiring, you probably won't have to replace your existing electrical wiring. Generally, wiring in the average home is based on the minimum required by code. If your wiring is older than 50 years, or there are other special circumstances, our staff will help walk you through those issues.

Q: Will my electrical service panel need to be replaced?

A: The current National Electric Code recommends a minimum of l00 amps incoming. If your service panel provides less, it should be upgraded to this level or better to meet today's home requirements, as most new homes are wired with 200-amp service. Also, if your electrical panel is manufactured by Zinsco, Federal Pacific, or Pushmatic, it should be replaced as quickly as possible, and can be extremely dangerous. Call us immediately for a safe solution.

Q: Is my home's electrical system adequately grounded?

A: Grounded wiring is the most important aspect of your electrical system. Proper grounding protects a home, your electronics and, most importantly, its occupants. In the case of an electrical fault, such as a short-circuit, a properly grounded system directs this fault into the earth instead of through your expensive electronic equipment. Our technicians can quickly check the condition of your grounding system and let you know its condition, along with your available options.

Q: What kind of warranty will I get?

A: We provide warranties that reflect the manufacturer's warranty for the parts we use. If we replace LED recessed light trim in your house, the product would be warrantied for five years from the manufacturer. At McCaa Electric, we match those five years for our labor warranty. We stand behind our craftsmanship just as much as the products we install.